How to Play Jibe – Monster Edition

You build an eighty piece puzzle with no picture to guide you. The placement of your six sided cards depends upon how many points you can get. You maximize your points by matching sides with higher valued cards.

The Cards

There are twelve monsters, each with a different point value. Each six-sided card has either two sets of three identical monsters or one set of six identical monsters. The cards with six identical monsters are known as a “core” cards. There are 80 unique cards.

The value of each card is the sum of the values of each monster set on the card and is displayed in the center of the card.


There is a core card for every monster. Every round of the game is started by placing a core card in the center of the playing surface. You can play just one round, or you can play multiple rounds, starting with a different core card each time. Choose it before distributing cards to the players.

Deal five cards to each player. During your turn, play one card from your hand by matching the colors or monsters with cards already played.

If you just match the color(s), you can only count the value of the card you laid down. If you match the monster(s), you can count the value of your card plus the value of each card(s) where the icon(s) matched. All colors must match, except when The Elusive Jester is played.

If you play a core card during your turn, you can play another card during your turn to match it.

After your play, you replenish your hand by drawing one card from the pile. If you play a core card and are able to match it with another card from your hand, you draw two cards.

If you can’t play or choose not to play during your turn, pick up one card from the pile.

The Elusive Jester is wild. They can match any monster and each of the three Elusive Jester core cards can be used to match six cards at once. They have no point value when played, but make sure you play them, because their value switches to 100 points and count against your score if left in your hand.

Record your score after each play. Keep playing until all the cards in the pile are drawn. Then play until someone has played all their cards or until no other play can be made. Each player then adds up the card values left in their hand and subtracts the sum from their score.

If you play multiple rounds, you can add the scores from each round to determine the winner. Or, you can treat each round separately, award a point to the player with the highest score for each round, and the winner is the player who won the most rounds.

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